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Website Design in cape Town

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

Why is a professional website design so important?

Ever hear the expression “first impressions last”? This does not only pertain to people, but to your company too. In a world that is going more and more online every day, the competitive landscape of your website is more important than ever! A modern website has a massive emphasis on user-friendliness and generally websites that have a minimalistic, clean feel to them, make a better impression than one that is cluttered and busy. Triple J Design offers world-class website design in Cape Town, Johannesburg, and across South Africa, and we’ve learned how critical it is to get all the aspects of website design right for our customers.

These include readability, consistency, speed, and effective layout and navigation.

Why is a professional website design so important?

What is Website Design and how is it different from Web Development?

Website design is the design of the processes needed to make the front end of the website — the part that a visitor sees — eye-catching and user-friendly. Website designers ensure the website has that clean, clear look to them that will not overwhelm customers when they first land on the page. The web page would be intuitive and easy to navigate. Web development is all about programming the back-end of the website. So you can think of it like the website developers create the structure and the website designers make it look pretty. As an example – a website designer may create a button and the website developer that makes sure that when the button is clicked, it actually works.

What is Website Design and how is it different from Web Development?

Why is Triple J Design different from other website design agencies?

Whilst Triple J Design has a massive emphasis on website design, we have an equal emphasis on graphic design and digital marketing. We also are experts on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) which not only gets incorporated into the website design and digital marketing but is also provided as a service on its own.

Why is Triple J Design different from other website design agencies?

Content Creation and Management

Here’s another important saying when it comes to website design – Content is King! Content is not only used to convey what it is that your business offers to your customers but most importantly – correctly created content will get you ranking on the front page of search engines in record time. This is a guaranteed promise from Triple J Design to you!

Content Creation and Management

WordPress Website Design

From its inception as a blogging platform, WordPress has blossomed into an all-encompassing content management system that millions of businesses use to power their websites. (Even giants like Sony Music and Times Magazine use WordPress!) One of the most significant advantages of using WordPress is the greatly reduced initial expenses and time frames, as it is unnecessary to know anything about coding and you don’t need to build the website from scratch.

WordPress Website Design

As mentioned before, user-friendliness is a super-important aspect of website design and that not only goes for the front end visitor but also for the owner of the website that wants to do their own updates on the back end. This is very easy with WordPress. While the basics are very simple, if you want your WordPress-powered website to really stand out, you do need someone with experience and expert-level skills to help you.

WordPress website design service is unbeatable.

This is where our WordPress website design service is unbeatable. Whether you need help with your already-built WordPress website like adding more functionality or plug-ins, or need a brand new website where you can add fresh content easily, this service is what your business needs. There are several other benefits that come from using a WordPress website:

  • There are a variety of easy to use themes to choose from

  • All themes and templates are already optimised for mobile devices and tablets and are fully responsive

  • WordPress websites are designed to load quickly on both mobile and desktop

  • They are simple and easy to maintain

  • There are a huge variety of additional features and plug-ins available

  • The user interface is intuitive and straightforward

  • The system is kept stable with regular updates

  • Easily integrated with third-party applications such as social media platforms

And the biggest reason we love WordPress websites is how well the platform integrates with SEO.

the platform integrates with SEO.

In addition to helping us build gorgeous, user-friendly websites for our customers, it also is invaluable in helping websites to rank higher on search engines too! Our website design experts will deliver incredible results every time no matter what industry your business is in. Combined with the extensive SEO expertise we offer, Triple J Design is the website design agency that delivers unbeatable results every time. Ready to get started? Contact us today! 072 298 5701

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