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Social Media Marketing

That Delivers.

Your satisfaction is our measure of success. We work with you to ensure that our designs speak your language, in every medium.

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Triple J Design Client PolicyGPT
Triple J Design Client ALCM Solutions

PolicyGPT is a cutting-edge, web-based AI application tailored for analyzing and interpreting insurance documents, streamlining the extraction of critical insights from unstructured data sources like policy documents and claims reports.

ALCM Solutions

A technology consultancy focused on providing integrated solutions for the management of assets throughout their lifecycle.

Website Design, Video Design, Logo Design, LinkedIn Paid & Organic Campaigns, Newsletter Marketing and Graphic Design.

Triple J Design Client Pegit Home Solutions

Pegit Home 

A cloud-based On-Demand Work Request Management concept.

Logo Design, Social Media Strategy & Marketing, Blogs, Graphic Design.

Social Media Management, Blogs & Content Creation, Newsletter Marketing, Video & Graphic Design

Triple J Design Client Clear Sky Energy

Clear Sky

A Sussex based MCS accredited company specialising in solar PV & battery storage installations

Logo Design, Social Media Strategy & Marketing, Blogs, Graphic Design.

The best campaign

tells your story.

01/ Branding & Design

Crafting your brand with style and substance. We design to captivate and create a lasting impression.

03/ Copywriting & Storytelling

Crafting stories with words that sell. We combine the art of language and narrative to create a powerful brand experience that captivates and converts.

05/ Product Development

From ideation to execution, we turn your digital marketing dreams into reality. Our product development team leverages cutting-edge technology and strategic thinking to create customized digital marketing solutions that drive growth and deliver results.

02/ Art Direction

Guiding creativity towards a purpose. Our art direction tells your story through captivating visuals and stunning aesthetics.

04/ Media Production

From concept to creation, we bring your vision to life. Our media production team delivers stunning visuals and immersive experiences that capture your audience's attention and leave a lasting impression.

06/ Digital Strategy

Powering your digital success with strategic vision. Our digital strategy team combines deep industry knowledge and innovative thinking to create tailored plans that maximize your online presence and deliver exceptional results.


Collaboration is key to your success, and ours. We work with you at every stage of the process, so that we craft your story together. 

We are Triple J Design

And we are here to create the very best digital campaigns for your company. Based in Cape Town and active worldwide, we translate your voice through strategy, creativity and digital innovation.


We're a team of creative artists, planners, web designers and social media strategists who strive to create digital experiences that people never forget. We dream your story with you and then breathe it into life.

Jenni Holdsworth


Graphic Designer
Digital Marketer
Lindiwe Motloung


Head of
Social Media
Dune MacDonald


Google &
SEO Expert
Maiyan Karidi


Content Creator

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